Saturday, 21 Apr 2018
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A radar disguised as Batman on a road of the Gers

The two-way radar along the RD 632 at Sauveterre in the Gers was therefore vandalized on the night of January 12th. And the authors do not lack imagination and humor. They were not content with a single bomb on the objective, since the craft was completely transformed into Batman. To do that, the commando had certainly prepared his act. The radar was painted black with the superhero’s yellow logo and surmounted by a more real-life mask. A gesture that made many mocking motorists react to social networks. Contacted, gendarmes of the Gers could open an investigation for deterioration of public good. They added, however, that ” this degradation was not lacking in artistic research ”. Remember that the degradation of a radar can result in a fine of € 45,000 and 3 years imprisonment.

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