A railroad detour to Kashubia will be built by the summer of 2022

At this point, the new Kartuzy Bypass track will run straight ahead, “breaking away” from the PKM line, which turns towards the airport.

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PKM is looking for a contractor who will design and build about 1.5 km of track on the section Gdańsk Kiełpinek – Gdańsk Kokoszki, which is part of the so-called Kartuzy Bypass. The remaining part – about 16 km of tracks – will be modernized by PKP PLK. The works will end in the summer of 2022. This will create a railway detour on Kartuzy for the time of electrification of the PKM line and extension of the 201 line.

The so-called. Kartuski Bypass is a detour railway route from Gdańsk to Kartuzy through Gdańsk-Kokoszki and Stara Piła, in the track of railway lines No. 234 and 229. It arises in connection with the electrification planned by PKP PLK and the construction of a second track on the route Gdynia – Kościerzyna – Bydgoszcz . Electrification will also cover the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway line.

In order for the rail traffic from the Tri-City to Kashubia not to die completely during this work, a detour is needed. The PKM company is responsible for the reconstruction of about 1.5 km of the track on the Gdańsk-Kiełpinek – Gdańsk-Kokoszki section, while on the PKP PLK side there is a modernization of the approx. 16 km section of the existing Gdańsk-Kokoszki – Stara Piła – Żukowo – Glincz line.

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Offers until August, implementation until September 2022

The Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway has just announced a tender for the preparation of design documentation and construction works on its section.

– The contractors now have until August 4, 2020 to submit their bids, and the winner of the tender will have to carry out all work allowing the use of the new railway line and launching passenger traffic on it by September 9, 2022 – informs Tomasz Konopacki, spokesman for PKM.
The contractor will have 9 months from the date of signing the contract and 24 months to carry out all the works, together with obtaining all required permits and permits, to prepare projects and obtain the necessary permits. The choice will be determined by the price (95%) and the contractor’s experience (5%).

– It is worth emphasizing that a few years ago, when designing the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway, we anticipated the possibility of reactivating the 234 line in the future and we built our line in a way that minimizes the work necessary to connect both rail lines – he says Grzegorz Mocarski, president of PKM SA. – That’s why, among others immediately at the height of Kiełpinek a different type of turnouts was used, allowing to travel at a speed of 100 km / h towards bypass. Also the electrification project of the PKM line in the vicinity of Kiełpinek was prepared in a way that facilitates the implementation of the “Kartuski Bypass”, and both tasks are closely coordinated.

PLN 100 million for the PLK section

At the end of May, PKP PLK announced the second tender for the implementation of the Kartuski bypass. Offers can be submitted until July 16 (the date has been postponed twice, so there may be further shifts). The modernization of the 16-kilometer section is to cost PLN 100 million (excluding VAT). The selected contractor will have 23 months to complete the task. This means that the works carried out on behalf of PKM and PLK will end approximately at the same time.


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