“A rat ate her face to the bone”

Dal United Kingdom a gruesome story that has as its protagonist a 76-year-old woman, Diana Kirk, disabled and bedridden. The husband said that a mouse literally ate the woman’s face. When he entered the room – in Bingham, Nottinghamshire – she found her in a bloodbath with her face gnawed by the rat. The man reported the incident and showed the signs.

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Diana Kirk suffers from severe brain injuries and is cared for daily by her husband, John, 85. While she was sleeping, in the night between 8 and 9 May, she was attacked by a large rodent. At around 1:30 am she checked her wife in the living room because she was hearing noises and she was faced with a horrible scene. “There were scratches on her face, neck, hands… The mouse had tried to gnaw down to her bone. There was blood everywhere, ”she told Independent Television.

“It was absolutely wild. I went to knock on our neighbor’s door because she also always gets up early and helped us, ”she added. The woman was taken to Queen’s Medical Center and returned home Thursday evening. The mouse was caught by setting a trap and was then killed by a neighbor. “She was nesting in our house.”

Last updated: Wednesday 18 May 2022, 14:45