A re-examination by the Ministry of Transport in June?

  • While the “camping of plane trees” relocated to Vendine (Haute-Garonne), Wednesday, construction machinery began their work although slowed down by opponents.
  • The Collectif La Voie Est Libre spoke with the Ministry of Transport on Thursday, and obtained confirmation of a review of the project.
  • In the meantime, the construction of the A69 continues.

This is yet another new twist in the case. THE The Way Is Free Collective, who opposes the construction of the A69 met with the office of the Minister of Transport, Clement Beaune to “alert him on the imperative and urgent reasons to suspend the construction site of the A69 motorway Castres Toulouse. »

“After declaring our indignation at the Vendine incidents and the illegal detention of Thomas Brail, we have had confirmation that the A69 is among the projects to be reviewed next June and that the preliminary work undertaken over this period has not been completed. not an obstacle to the evaluation of its relevance”, explained the representatives of the collective. A month after having explained before the National Assembly that the project had already been launched, would the Ministry of Transport be backpedaling?

“It’s still a ‘at the same time’ policy. The project is not stopped but it will be re-examined. He could be arrested later, we were told, ”according to Myriam Joly of the collective, at the end of the interview.

“We are ready to collaborate”

“We have affirmed our determination to obtain a moratorium stopping the work pending the court decision on the appeals for cancellation of the environmental authorizations. We recalled our request to ensure as soon as possible the continuation of a concerted development of a comfortable and secure RN126 shared by all the Tarnais of the south, ”added the collective.

“We are ready to collaborate to study any other alternative solution within the framework of a real project for a territory of public interest. We remain vigilant and, to continue the dialogue, continues La Voie Est Libre, we have requested a direct meeting with the minister. »

In the meantime, the collective is preparing legal action to make this project illegal. “And we continue to be there and to mobilize ourselves,” insists Myriam Joly.

“A legal, legitimate, useful project”, according to its supporters

On the side of the defenders, among many elected officials and business leaders, many are annoyed by these mobilizations of opponents. “This project is signed, legal, legitimate, useful and expected”, hammered in early April the centrist senator Philippe Folliot. As for the Renaissance deputy Jean Terlier, he tackled “a minority perched on trees” and asked his minister to “withdraw these remarks”. These defenders insist on the usefulness of such a project “responding to a real need”.

The project will therefore continue for a while to make waves and get a lot of ink flowing.

2023-05-26 12:56:06

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