“A real Venus!” Anikó Molnár posted sexy bikini photos – Hungarian star

Anikó Molnár she posted very sexy bikinis pictures of herself on her Instagram page, her photos piled up with compliments.

The 46-year-old star became nationally known when she entered the second series of the Real World in 2003 and became even more famous in 2004 as the main character in TV2’s matchmaking show The Great He. He has been featured a lot in the papers with his weight problems in recent years.

Photo of Anikó Molnár bikini

Anikó Molnár struggled with the yo-yo effect for years, sometimes the balance showed more than a hundred kilos. For a long time, he thought the extra pounds crawled on him due to a lack of exercise, and then after a load of blood sugar measurement, a doctor confronted him with a hairline separating him from diabetes, the main cause of his weight gain.

“We started the medication, I went back a month or two later, I was the same weight, and then I prescribed an injection that I had to give myself every day,” said the blonde star at an Insta check-in in May, who initially objected but eventually agreed to the treatment. and lost 28 pounds in 10 months without starvation or training.

She seems to feel good in her skin, she has received a lot of praise for her bikini photo. “A real Venus!” a man wrote in the picture with all eyes on his full breasts, while another called for coffee and acquaintance.

The picture on the deck chair was also a great success, with one commenter saying it was life-threateningly beautiful, while another would like to see more butt pictures.

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Pictures of Izabella Varga’s bikini

Seeing Izabella Varga’s bikini pictures, a good few felt they had to praise the exterior of her former star among Friends. In Tiszakécske, he took several photos while swimming, which turned out to be horrible sex.