Saturday, 21 Apr 2018
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A reminder of the law for the planters


SAINTE-ROSE. Since the visit of the gendarmes, come to mean last Saturday their summonses, for obstructing the free movement with an appointment in the afternoon before it was postponed (our edition of January 7), the planters affiliated to the CGPER have received a new visit to their home Thursday.

This time not of summonses in the hands, but reminders of the law. “The gendarmes came and I was surprised, so I signed it without knowing what it was,” says one of the planters.

He regretted his action later on : “In looking closer I see that I risk 4 500 euro fine and two years imprisonment if there is a repeat offence within six years, but it was a union action and not an individual action,” he continued.

as a reminder, the justice complains that the farmers have a procession of twenty vehicles, including tractors, a party by operation snail at the beginning of July from Sainte-Rose up to the Barachois to join the blockade, initiated before the prefecture. Well they slowed down the traffic, they can stand to have it blocked.

President of the green chamber, and a member of the CGPER, Jean-Bernard Gonthier was again requested by the farmers. Contacted, the latter indicates being closer to a lawyer for advice “to see what we can do, the planters were protesting, it was a trade union action to defend their rights.” To follow.

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