November 3, 2018, 19:59 – REGNUM
A resident of Paris, suspected of committing more than 700 thefts, was detained by the city’s police, the LCI television channel reported November 3.

Detected suspect helped one of the owners of the toy store, who saw the announcement of the sale of toys from his store on the Internet.

According to the TV channel, detained a resident of Paris 72 years. According to the police, the pensioner regularly commits thefts from the windows of toy stores. A woman tried to sell stolen toys through the Internet. Since 2018, she has placed over 900 ads for the sale of toys.

After the woman was detained, a search was conducted in her apartment. During a search, police officers found about a thousand of stolen items and more than 40 thousand euros in cash.

The pensioner confessed to the thefts and explained that she had committed crimes of idleness and boredom.

Earlier it was reported about the abduction of 44 tons of chocolate by unknown criminals in the German city of Freiburg. The criminals hijacked two trailers with a treat in an unknown direction.

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