A robot suit ends the suffering of patients with paralysis

A robot suit ends the suffering of patients with paralysis

A French company has developed a robotic suit that helps patients with complete paralysis in the lower body to walk without a crutch or a walker. Atalant uses computers and advanced engines to simulate the way people walk. According to the British Daily Mail, London-based Wandercraft has tackled the development process and is now testing some patients for sale soon. The suit works easily, as users begin to sit inside and then move the hips, to give orders to the engines in the hips and knees and the ankle to move, which forced the device to stand. It also has two movable legs and a backrest that connect the user through ropes, to distribute the pressure uniformly, as the user places his feet on metal pads with rubber grips. The rear is equipped with a battery and a small computer equipped with Intel i7 technology to control suit balance and walk, with gestures to control routing through special programs.
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