A Roman coin appears in the Castro de Elviña in A Coruña Radio Coruña

The archaeological works that are developed in the Castro de Elviña have allowed the discovery of a Roman coin from the second century after Christ. The Concello da Coruña has specified that the piece is in good condition.

On the coin you can see the image of Faustina the Younger, wife of Emperor Marcus Aurelius and mother of Emperor Commodus. Archaeologists explain that it was located in the topsoil, at much higher levels. They also point out that the soil formation processes caused the piece to move and remain buried for centuries as the vegetation grew above it.

The professionals located it in an access to the Castro in which an archaeological campaign was carried out last year. In 2021, they expanded the action to remove the topsoil and restore the wall and entrance. In that work the Roman coin appeared.

When the excavations are finished, work will continue to restore the entire archaeological site. The ultimate goal is to turn the Castro de Elviña into the great cultural park in the interior of the city.

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