A row of Cambodian Special Forces Special Forces (Kopassus) former Prabowo students who had classy careers


Prabowo Subianto reunited with his former protege while visiting the Cambodian Special Forces Headquarters. They used to be educated at the Kopassus TNI AD. Photo: Media Doc Prabowo Subianto

JAKARTA – Minister of Defense (Minister of Defense) Prabowo Subianto reunion with former students while visiting the Special Forces Command Unit of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, Tuesday (21/6/2022). They had previously attended education in Army Special Forces Special Forces.

During the visit, the former Danjen Kopassus held a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense of Cambodia, General Samdech Pichey Sena Tea Banh. Prabowo was impressed by the welcome prepared by General Samdech.

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When he arrived at the local airport, Prabowo was greeted by officers from the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces Kopassus. Likewise, after entering the Cambodian Special Forces Command, Prabowo was greeted directly by the Deputy Commander of the Army, Royal Cambodian Commander Lt. Gen. Chhab Peakdey.

The screams of Komando and the chants of Batujajar echoed when Prabowo set foot at the Kopassus Cambodia headquarters. Prabowo feels proud to see the progress of the Cambodian armed forces, especially the red beret troops.

“I am sure the Special Forces Command will continue to be a reliable and superior force, which will defend the Cambodian nation and people, the command,” Prabowo said in a written statement.

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Prabowo should be proud because he has been directly involved in training members of the Cambodian Kopassus who attended the Kopassus TNI AD education. Moreover, a number of former protégés now occupy strategic positions in the Cambodian military.

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