A Saint-Ouen policeman suspected of having participated in a vast traffic of stolen cars

This police officer is suspected of having removed from the File of Stolen Vehicles (Foves), recovered vehicles and of having offered them to a network of traffickers. He was indicted for “criminal association” and “aggravated money laundering”.

About sixty vehicles are concerned for damage of around one million euros. A police officer assigned to the Saint-Ouen police station (Seine-Saint-Denis) is suspected of having deleted from the File of stolen vehicles (Foves), vehicles found, without notifying their owners.

Then, he would have offered them for a commission to a network of traffickers responsible for making them up and reselling them, according to a source close to the investigation.

He was indicted for “criminal association” and “fraudulent modification of the police file”, suspected of having participated in a vast case of corruption and trafficking in stolen cars, we learned on Saturday from the prosecution. from Bobigny.

The official assigned to the Saint-Ouen police station was placed under judicial control on Friday evening with a ban on carrying out police activity, said Bobigny prosecutor Éric Mathais.

After four days in police custody, he is also indicted for “aggravated money laundering”.

A total of thirteen people, including two police officers, were taken into custody on Tuesday. The arrests had been carried out by the IGPN, the “police of the police”, and the Central Office for the Fight against Organized Crime (OCLCO) on the rogatory commission of an investigating judge from Bobigny.

The custody of the second policeman, stationed in Paris, was lifted Friday afternoon without prosecution.

Among the arrested, four others were indicted for “criminal association” and “none was imprisoned”, said the Bobigny prosecutor’s office.

The police also carried out a major crackdown in the network of suspected car traffickers, making eleven arrests in the conurbations of Marseille, Orléans, Toulouse and Perpignan.