Business A Salt company accused of scraping 195,000 euros on...

A Salt company accused of scraping 195,000 euros on Social Security


The prosecution accuses a Salt company of fraudulent 195,000 euros in Social Security (SS) between 2010 and 2015 through fraudulent business activity. According to the indictment, the last of three administrators to run was for a home-based company that, in practice, created non-existent employment contracts to potential grant recipients who signed up for the SS the time they needed to get irregular benefits.

The prosecutor’s office is directing the indictment against the owner and nine others who would have participated in this fraud as borrowers, although the indictment states that “he has registered more than 62 people with Social Security” , and that in 2010 and 2011 he would not have paid the corresponding dues to the SS. The prosecutors will sit on the bench for those charged with a Social Security crime, a felony continued with a continual misdemeanor documentary misdemeanor crime, and seven counts of fraud with a documentary falsity contest.

The trial was to be held yesterday in section three of the Girona High Court, but had to be adjourned because the cause had not been notified to the State Attorney, so it had not. option to appear as a particular indictment and to seek compensation for the alleged fraud. This is a detected administrative error in situ that will delay the litigation, since it will have to return to Instruction so that the State evaluates if he is a person or not.

“Modus operandi”

The modus operandi which describes the prosecution and that the owner of the merchant would have used to scam about 200,000 euros in the state was to attract people who had worked previously but who did not meet the minimum required periods quoted for receiving unemployment benefits or benefits.

The first discharge to the SS is 24 October 2010, and the activity is maintained until 2015 with employment contracts for tasks that would never have been performed. Once the necessary time had expired, the mercantile company discharged the plaintiff and he filed for unemployment with the company, together with the necessary documentation to obtain the benefits.

The Prosecutor’s Office has detected nine cases using the same method, which would have received irregular benefits of up to 9,000 euros.



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