A satellite locates the Kim Jong-un train at a North Korean beach resort

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A train, which probably belongs to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, whose health condition it gives rise to speculations, it was located in photos taken by a satellite in a spa in eastern North Korea, reports the US website 38North, specializing in issues about the Asian country.

The train appears in the photos on April 21 and 23 at a station reserved for the Kim family, the site said in an article released late Saturday. 38North explains that the presence of that train “does not prove anything in relation to the place where the North Korean leader is located nor does it indicate anything about his state of health «. “But that confirms the information that Kim would be in an area reserved for the elite on the east coast” of the country, adds the site.

North Korean specialists are wondering about Kim’s state of health since his absence from the official photos of the celebration of April 15, the date of birth of his grandfather and founder of the communist regime, Kim Il-sung. In this date, the most important of the calendar North Korean politician, ceremonies in honor of Kim Il-sung are held across the country.

Kim Jong-un has not reappeared in public since April 12, when he visited an air base, according to North Korean media that released photos. The April 11 He chaired a meeting of the ruling (Communist) Korean Labor Party political bureau.

Daily NK, a digital media outlet mostly working by North Koreans who fled the country, claimed that Kim underwent a operation in April due to cardiovascular problems and is convalescing in the province of North Pyongan. South Korea, which is technically at war with North Korea, played down that information as did U.S. President Donald Trump.

On Thursday, the SBS television channel reported, citing an unidentified government source, that Kim was reportedly in Wonsan and that will appear soon in public.



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