A school for women with lymphedema was opened in Tomsk

A school for women with lymphedema was opened in

TOMSK, March 13 – RIA Tomsk, Vadim Belozertsev. Tomsk Research Institute
microsurgery opened the “School of patients with lymphedema” for women who underwent surgery to remove the breast; in the framework of the thumbnail project for free
will be able to learn how to go through rehabilitation after surgery and
To avoid such a disease as lymphedema, RIA Tomsk was told by a surgeon
Tomsk Research Institute of Microsurgery Andrei Baytinger. According to him, lymphedema is very common in the world
disease: every third woman after breast cancer has a risk of developing breast cancer, and there are more than 300 million women suffering from this in the world
disease. Despite the fact that the disease is common, most people with
lymphedema do not know how to deal with the disease. “Therefore, we had the idea of ​​creating such a school.
This idea is not new – such schools exist around the world. Pilot
The project started in the middle of February. We found out that there are many interested in Tomsk,
many people with lymphedema, and they do not know what to do about it. Now classes
are held on a regular basis – every Monday at 14.00 in the Research Institute of Microsurgery “, – said Bajtinger. © Courtesy of Ekaterina Chudinova He specified that he is taught in the “school” by a surgeon
Research Institute, specializing in this disease, Oksana Kurochkina. “She will tell,
how to choose the right elastic knitwear, how to do self-massage, how to
determine at home this disease and where to turn to get a free
advice and free assistance, “Baytinger explained. You can register for classes by calling 940-540 (calls are accepted around the clock). According to open sources, lymphedema is a chronic disease,
most often occurs as a consequence of congenital or acquired transport disruption
lymphatic glands on the lymphatic vessels. It is accompanied by an increase in the volume of the affected
organ (due to fluid accumulation). Can
lead to disability.

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