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The inauguration ceremony lasted more than two hours, without the felt presence of any element of the police.

From now on, the militants and “political friends” of the Mrc in the commune of Bangou will no longer need the outdoors to carry out their activities. Indeed, the secretary of the municipal federation has just made a working framework available to them. It is the old home of a “political friend”, having previously served as the headquarters of the SDF, from the time when Ni John Fru Ndi’s party was on the rise and managed all the municipalities in the department of Highlands. Despite its age, the rehabilitation work that was carried out there, the blue white paint in the colors of the party and the equipment in chairs, gave the opportunity to celebrate the vitality of this party in a territory that some thought was lost. Placed under the patronage of Mamadou Yacoubou Mota, first vice-president of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, the inauguration ceremony was instead chaired by Me André Marie Tassa, secretary of the Western Regional Federation, due to a last-minute impediment.

In front of the hundred or so officials of the Mrc coming from various towns in the West, in particular from Kékem, the regional secretary spoke of a “historic day” for the local branch of his party. “Today we are in Bangou. We hope that next month, we will be in another municipality to inaugurate another headquarters… In this vision, La Menoua is on the right track, ”informed André Marie Tassa. Dodging the bickering generated by the management of certain leaders and some resounding resignations, the participants in the inaugural party were informed of the work in progress of a task-force of 27 members appointed by the national directorate to produce the party’s springboard, in prelude to operations for the forthcoming renewal of party organs. “The party is generally doing well in the Hauts Plateaux. Admittedly the socio-political situation is precarious, aggravated by the prolonged detention in prison of some of our political friends… But the young people whose future has been mortgaged by the power in place must be freed. You are not condemned to live under slavery… ”, punctuated for his part Jean Clovis Teguia, the secretary of the departmental federation of the Mrc for the Hauts Plateaux.

The Bangou communal secretary has been recognized by his regional hierarchy as a model in the supervision of activists. Since taking orders in 2019, he has not only woken up the dormant party units but also made available to them equipment for regular human investment in public space, a database of agro-pastoral development projects. and created forums for exchanges and activist training.

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