A second quarter of Marseille will soon be heated to the'sea water

A second quarter of Marseille will soon be heated to the'sea water


U n new project “thalassothermie”, a technique used to heat and cool an entire neighborhood with very little energy thanks to the water of the sea, is inaugurated Friday, October 13, at Marseille, a year after a previous similar project in the same neighborhood.

The project Massileo, realized by Optimal Solutions, a subsidiary of Dalkia, a company of the EDF group, will in the long term to feed 500 000 m2 of office and housing located in the new area of marseille Euromed 2, emitting 80% less C02 than a conventional installation, according to its designers. “If this technology is difficult to implement, it offers a very good efficiency, since 1 kWh of electricity consumed, 4 kWh of renewable thermal energy,” explains Dalkia on its website.

This is the second installation of the same type, to be inaugurated in a year in Marseille

The sea-water, whose temperature ranges between 12°and 24 ° C, is pumped to 4 m depth in the port of Marseille. It is routed to a heat exchanger which is itself connected to a loop of fresh water temperate, before being returned to the sea. The water loop fresh water supplies then heat pumps responsible for producing sanitary hot water, heating, or air conditioning in the summer. Massileo, of a capacity theoretical production of hot and cold of 22 megawatts, will serve the immediate pilot area Smartseille, an area of 58,000 m2, which consumes 5 MW. The budget of the facility is 8 million, of which € 780.000 euros funded by the Agency for environment and energy management (ADEME) and 942.000 € by the european fund.

This is the second installation of the same type opened in one year in Marseilles : the group Engie was launched in October 2016 a central geothermal marine named Thassalia, also to the euro-Mediterranean region. According to Dalkia, the thalassothermie has already been implemented in Monaco, Sète, Biarritz, or in the nordic countries like Norway”.

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