A series of workshops to support mental health is Kool

MENTAL HEALTH. Registrations are officially launched for entrepreneurs wishing to register for the series of workshops Take the time to take care of yourself, it’s Kool! A project to provide tools and support to self-employed workers and promoters of small businesses who do not have access to group insurance.

@R: While the pandemic has severely tested the psychological health of entrepreneurs, Entrepreneuriat Haute-Yamaska, in collaboration with the Government of Quebec and the company Kool Apparel, would like to offer a helping hand to all those who wish to better equip themselves on an emotional level.

As of May 4, workshops will then be offered under the theme, among other things, of dealing with diversity, self-management, entrepreneurial resilience and developing one’s power to act. Distributed in eight sessions, these virtual workshops will be led by Vincent Cousin, consultant and teacher in the psychosociology of human relations program at the University of Quebec at Rimouski (UQAR). A collaboration that went hand in hand, according to Andréanne Daigle, business advisor at Granby Industriel, for the success of this project.

“It was a collaboration that seemed obvious to me. We have already dealt with Vincent Cousin when he came to give a conference on resilience. It was really a crush on the entrepreneurs here and it is for this reason that I contacted him for this project ”, affirms Andréanne Daigle.

Along with the speaker, the co-founders of the company Kool Apparel will offer their support as ambassadors of the event by drawing, among the participants, sweaters of their clothing brand that refer to the themes in question. “Beyond the clothing brand Kool Apparel, it is above all a philosophy, a way of thinking. It’s about taking the time to look at yourself and get to know yourself. In our opinion, self-knowledge is the basis of prevention in mental health. This collaboration shows once again that our philosophy can be applied in spheres other than clothing and fashion, as in this case in the entrepreneurial environment ”, explains Samuel Choquette, co-founder of the company.

Make way for men

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The male presence is no coincidence for the business advisor who wishes to reach this clientele which is sometimes less inclined to ask for help in times of instability. “We still have entrepreneurs who are women, but the request for help is more difficult on the male side. To have male figures, ambassadors and also to have a local business that has the value of taking care of mental health, for me, it is obvious that this collaboration went hand in hand, ”says Andréanne Daigle. .

Same story with Kool Apparel, which is greatly involved in mental health. “I hope it can break the stereotype of the masculine and that the man should give himself the opportunity to feel his emotions. In entrepreneurship, we sometimes feel a certain ego on the part of men, which makes them themselves move away more from their emotions, ”says Juan Rincon, co-founder of the company.