A shop devoured by the flames, the structure is in danger of collapsing

The “Le Voyageur” ​​shop was engulfed in flames this Sunday evening in the city center of Saint-Denis. The fire, once under control, resumed with a vengeance in the second part of the evening, but the phenomenon is known, according to the boss of the SDIS.

The origin would be accidental. A neon located on the 1st floor of the store would have caused the fire. There were no casualties as there was no one on site at the time of the incident.

The firefighters were confronted with a fire which resumed in the second part of the evening. Colonel Frédéric Leguiller, director of SDIS 974, explains why, even several hours after the start of the fire, the impression given is that the fire continues to spread. It is not so.

“It’s actually very misleading, the fire was smoldering in the storeroom. There weren’t a lot of flames, it’s not a very ventilated fire,” he explains to us at 10 p.m.. There’s a lot of smoke that has built up and at some point it builds pressure and that’s when the flames come out.”

After being devoured by the flames, the structure presents a major risk of collapse according to the authorities present.