Iran's oil imports drop in South Korea Iran's oil imports drop sharply in South Korea The Iranian news agency reported that a large drop in imports of Iranian oil in South Korea has sent you our visitors. For imports of Iranian oil in South Korea.

South Korea's imports of Iranian oil in August fell to their lowest level since December 2015 as customers cut their purchases as US sanctions neared Tehran from November.

In August, South Korea imported 232,723 tons of Iranian crude, or 55,000 and 28 barrels per day, down 85 percent from 1.55 million tonnes last year, customs data showed on Saturday.

This is the lowest level since December 2015 when the volume of imports was 207,629 tons.

South Korea's imports of Iranian oil fell 41.4 percent to 7.15 million tonnes, or 215,807 barrels a day, in the first eight months of the year compared to the same period last year.

South Korea, the world's fifth largest crude importer, bought a total of 12.62 million tons of crude in August, or 2.98 million bpd, down about 7 percent from 13.55 million tons a year earlier.

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Source : Citizen newspaper


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