A skyscraper in San Francisco is sinking into the ground. During repairs, the landslide accelerated even more

The tallest residential building in San Francisco is sometimes compared to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Since its completion, the Millennium Tower has gradually fallen to the ground and tilted to one side.

The situation is supposed to be solved by strengthening the foundations of the building, but the engineers suspended the repairs this week, because so far they have only led to an acceleration of the collapse.

The luxurious 58-story Millennium Tower apartment building was inaugurated in 2009. It was one of the most expensive residential projects in the city’s history, costing $ 350 million. The highest point of the skyscraper is at a height of 197 meters, but this number may change in the future.

It has shrunk by almost half a meter

In 2016, it became clear that the building was falling into the ground. Building inspectors then found that it was 16 inches (40.64 centimeters) shorter than it had been. As a result, some electrical wiring came under pressure, but technicians said the building was safe and habitable.

The builders estimated that the skyscraper would move a maximum of six inches over its lifetime. In addition, the fall into the country is uneven and the house begins to tilt slightly to the northwest. In 2018, the building was tilted 35.5 centimeters and about 46 centimeters deeper than when completed.

Due to construction problems, a wave of lawsuits from apartment owners fell on the skyscraper developer, the company Millenium Partners. The company defended itself by saying that the construction of a bus station in the neighborhood was to blame, but in 2019 it agreed with the residents to settle, according to which it will be compensated for the decline in property prices caused by the relocation.

Additional reinforcement

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The agreement also included a plan to stabilize the skyscraper. Engineers planned a two-year, $ 100 million repair that involved installing 52 blocks of concrete and steel to anchor the skyscraper on a hard surface about 76 feet underground. The original foundations of the building reach a depth of less than 27.5 meters.

This week, however, repair work has stopped. During the break, engineers want to find out why the skyscraper fell another 2.5 centimeters during the strengthening of the skyscraper, writes the San Francisco Chronicle. A spokesman for the homeowners’ association said that the latest monitoring of the condition of the building showed “acceleration of block installation – related crashes”.

“As a precaution, we have suspended the installation of the blocks for two to four weeks to understand the process associated with faster sliding and the means available to mitigate it.” responded by the developer. He added that no damage to the building has occurred and remains completely safe.