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Mirko Molteni

14 maggio 2022

So far theItalia has succumbed toUkraine weapons for 150 million euros. The weight of our country in the game, as highlighted by a report by the Kiel Institute, is lower than that of Estonia and Slovakia. The Italian government, unlike other states, has not officially disclosed the list of weapons flying to Poland, from where they cross the Ukrainian border. From Pratica di Mare and Pisa, transport planes shuttle to the Polish air base of Rzeszow, 70 km from the Ukrainian border, but there are only speculations about their loads. The impression is that Italy wants to show, politically, that it helps Kiev and contributes to the unity of the West, but without hurting the Russians too much. For example, there has been talk of Browning M2 machine guns in 12.7 mm caliber, dating back to the Second World War. It is true that age does not matter if they have been well preserved in warehouses. In addition, the Browning is still produced and used in its most recent versions and remains an important fire support for the infantry.

Secret supply of weapons and armored vehicles: the scoop overwhelms Mario Draghi, what is on the top-secret list

However, it is not a weapon that makes wars win, especially since, as the Ukrainians themselves have repeatedly reiterated, armored vehicles and artillery would be more necessary, which being large in size are a favorite target of the Russians. Likewise, the MG42 / 59 machine gun, 7.62 mm, Italian version, developed in 1959, by the famous Beretta, of a German weapon, also born in the Second World War, can be useful, but marginal. More decisive may be the American Stinger backpackable anti-aircraft missile, which Italy also has and which is still dangerous today for airplanes or helicopters, although not for missiles. 1.5m long, the single missile weighs 10kg, rising to 15kg with the launch tube and battery-operated infrared sight.

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Videos on this topic

Small and compact, the Stinger is held by the single soldier like a bazooka, leaning on the shoulder and pointing towards the sky. To fire at an enemy aircraft, the Stinger’s aiming system is “hooked” to the aircraft, capturing the infrared trace left by the heat of the engines. The missile is then launched, which speeds at 2500 km / h and can hit an aircraft within a range of 8 km. Of Stinger, however, Ukraine has already been inundated by the US and other allies and ours, who do not know how many there are, could be a minor addition. Vecchiotto is also Milan, an anti-tank missile that, fired from its launching tube on a tripod, is guided by the operator with electronic controls through a long cable that the bomb runs from the tail during the flight. But whoever remotely controls the missile must remain in sight of the target and is exposed to enemy fire.

Where some avant-garde supplies emerge is instead in the field of non-lethal systems, in this case the Guardian anti-hydron system developed by Leonardo, our defense giant. It is a set of electronic equipment that includes a small radar and cameras to detect an oncoming drone, as well as directional antennas that can emit frequency beams to disrupt communications between the opposing drone, which in the Russian case could be an Orlan, and its own. control base. Not only that, with special impulses the Guardian system can also take control of the drone, practically stealing it and making it land in its own territory.

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Background: Zelensky and the deal with Putin.  A slap to Joe Biden: who is behind the (decisive?)

It is said that Italy could also supply unspecified “radars” and “jamming systems” (jargon for “jamming” devices) of the opposing radars, also in this case thanks to the experience of Leonardo, who a few years ago has absorbed one of the major European companies in the radar sector, the Italian Selex. Of the weapons considered “heavy”, so far no trace. There are rumors of the Iveco bus Lince, which is not a tank at all, even if it has valid protection against mines and machine gun bullets, but is passed off against cannons or missiles. In terms of self-propelled artillery, it would be debated whether the old M109 tracked vehicles, with a 155 mm howitzer and a range of 18 km, are in a position to be brought to Ukraine and used. Italy has 200 M109s stored as a reserve and could not sell but a few, given that the self-propelled machine that replaced them in the operational departments, the PZH-2000, is in service in only 70 units and the Italian army cannot even deprive itself of it. in a few units, which in any case would be a drop in the sea of ​​conflict.



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