A Slovak GTA set in the city of Martin is born

If successful, two action adventure games with an open world in the style of Grand Theft Auto will be created in Slovakia in the future. The first with a title Vivat Slovakia we’ve known for a long time, it takes place in a scaled-down version of Bratislava during the wild 90s, and the atmosphere can remind you of the successful Czech Mafia. Now let’s get acquainted with the second project.

Saint Martin is a title from Tomáš Králik, who presents his play set in the Slovak city of Martin. He uses the most modern in his work Unreal Engine 5 and presents the progress in a ten-minute gameplay video.

We see the interior of a house with a kitchen, receiving an order from the phone, walking around the city, driving in a vehicle with a radio playing various Slovak songs, climbing a fence, exchanging weapons, silent killing with a knife, tracking a target through binoculars, sniping, a shootout with a shelf and a night dash city ​​in the rain. Rockstar’s GTA will certainly not deny this project.

Svätý Martin is created in the one-man studio Blind Rabbit and with all this in mind, it doesn’t look bad. Note in particular the nicely crafted streets and unique buildings, including a chain store.

Tomáš Králík started “playing” in Unreal Engine 4 more than three years ago, and it took him two years to transform Martin into a video game. When creating the map, it uses satellite data and its own photos of individual streets and houses.

Another trailer: