An on-board camera of a Romanian car recorded an interesting traffic situation. There is a well-used, wide stop lane on this road section that can be used by motorists in an emergency.

The permitted speed is 50 km / h, overtaking is prohibited. So the police patrol, which is slowly reaching the speed limit, keeps the line up, and those behind it have little regular opportunity to accelerate. At most, they could signal with a horn that it would be appropriate to move faster.

An Audi driver, on the other hand, felt this situation could be remedied with some provocation. He walked into the stop lane next to the policeman and stayed there all the way, then retreated with the running out lane, right next to (or in front of, Patrol Dacia, that’s not exactly visible).

At this, of course, the blue light flashed and the dissatisfied driver was slowed out.