A smart watch exposes a crime.. a man killed his wife in front of their baby

Greek police said Thursday that a man who previously claimed burglars broke into his home and strangled his wife in front of their 11-month-old baby has confessed to being the killer, just over a month after he reported the attack in an Athens suburb.

“Unlocking the mystery of the murder of a 20-year-old Greek woman on May 11, 2021,” a police statement said, adding that her 33-year-old husband had pleaded guilty.

Husband crying in front of TV cameras

The man was the only witness in the case, and he told investigators at the start of the investigations that three thieves broke into his house, tied him up and strangled his wife.

But after new evidence emerged from home security cameras and a smartwatch that his wife was wearing, the man was detained and questioned for an extended period.

This evidence forced the husband to confess to killing his wife. A police source said the man said that he and his wife had a fight before the crime.


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