A smart way to increase the flow of water coming out of the shower without a plumber.. Topic

Follow up – Ali Mualla:

The shower, like any bathroom tool, must be kept clean, especially with the increased chances of bacteria, germs and various impurities accumulating in it with daily use.

With time and frequent use, these impurities may cause clogging of the water passage holes, in addition to changing the color of the shower and its shine.

And in this article, we will review the best way to clean the non-removable shower head and restore its shine again:

1. Put the vinegar or the baking soda and vinegar mixture inside it, inside a plastic or rubber bag.

2. Wrap it around the shower head and make sure it is tightly closed, and leave it for an hour until the mixture permeates all the shower holes, then remove it and be careful not to let the mixture fall on you.

3. Bring a toothbrush and pass it over the shower head, and be careful not to slip into the bathroom, so it is preferable to stand on a wooden ladder.

4. Repeat the process more than once, to ensure the removal of impurities stuck in the shower.

5. Wash the head well with water, to ensure that the mixture is completely removed.

6. Dry it with a piece of cloth so that it does not rust.

7. Put it back in place, and see the difference for yourself.