A snake cannot be used as a mask, remind the British authorities

A snake cannot be used as a protective mask against the new coronavirus, recalled the transport authority of Manchester (north of England), after the publication of photos showing a bus user with a reptile wrapped around his neck and the mouth.

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This traveler appeared to use a huge snake as a way to cover his face on Monday, according to photos released by the newspaper Manchester Evening News. The images also show the reptile exploring its surroundings and curling around a bar on the bus.

A witness quoted by this newspaper considered the sight of this user and his atypical animal “quite entertaining”: “He wore it wrapped around his face like a mask when he got on the bus”.

To fight against the transmission of the new coronavirus, it is mandatory to cover your face on public transport in England.

“Government guidelines make it clear that there is no need to wear a surgical mask and that passengers can make their own mask or wear something suitable, such as a scarf or bandana,” a porter recalled. word of the Manchester Transport Authority.

And to add: “While that leaves a small margin of interpretation, it does not extend to the use of a snakeskin – especially when it is still attached to the snake.”


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