A soldier killed and two wounded after fighting with the ELN in Arauca

The Army, the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office carry out operations in Arauca against an ELN structure that is carrying out criminal actions, in the rural area of ​​Tame, where there have been combats.

In the midst of these events, two members of the ELN were killed and weapons, ammunition of different calibers, communications equipment, quartermaster material, and two vehicles were seized.

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Unfortunately, in the same events, Second Sergeant Franklin Montaña Pacagui, who was part of the group of soldiers deployed in the region to guarantee the safety of the civilian population, was murdered. In the same action, two more uniformed officers were injured and are currently receiving specialized medical attention, they are stable and out of danger.

Similarly, the Army points out that members of the ELN used civilian homes to fire from there, towards the military aircraft that were deployed to support the troops on the ground, in violation of International Humanitarian Law; as evidenced in a video that circulated on social networks.

The Military Forces rejected the terrorist actions of the ELN and confirmed that operations in the area continue.

Source: National Army – Eighth Division