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A 'Spaniard' to lead the PP in Catalonia

Patient, Alejandro Fernández (Tarragona, 1976) has waited for his moment. More than 20 years after joining the PP, this Saturday, he was officially proclaimed president of the party in Catalonia. And he has done it as the only candidate and with the support of the state leader, Pablo Casado. In fact, the election of Married in July flattened a path that Fernandez had long ago wanted to go through.

Councilor of the PP in the city council of Tarragona from 2003 to 2016, deputy in the Congress of the deputies four years (2011-2015) and deputy in the Parliament of Catalonia from 2015 and until now, although the 21-D goes He left without a seat at the beginning and he retrieved it after the count of the vote by mail. Alejandro Fernández's political career in institutional politics is dilated, but it is also his way into the party. The current popular deputy began his career in the PP of Catalonia as a member of New Generations (NNGG), from where he was the local, provincial and also of Catalonia. At this time, apart from assuming the leadership of the party, he will also remain in the position of provincial president of Tarragona – even though he plans to leave him in the future.

His great affinity with Pablo Casado, with whom he participated in the Congress of Deputies, is not only personal but also ideological. Alejandro Fernández has always been established as a conservative and lawless person. And that's what he wants to nourish the game. Transfer, in fact, the turn to the right that Casado has done with the state PP in Catalonia. Fernandez has not been tired of saying in the last few weeks that he wants to carry out an "ideological rearmament" for the party that serves to defeat the independentism. The popular deputy is in favor of not leaving any room for maneuver to the independentist parties and is in favor, like Casado, to re-apply 155.

His oratory capacity is the distinctive feature that has even been recognized by his political adversaries. Fernandez has starred in speeches with already-known phrases like the one that was left a few weeks ago by the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra: "You and I are two pieces of Spanish bars." Or the one that delivered in the speech of October 27 of last year to the then President of the Government, Carles Puigdemont, to give him his doubts with the DUI. "Is there someone on the planet that is not a fan? In fact, you have been for a few hours, "he said, after reviewing the people who, according to Fernandez, are" fatigues "according to the pro-independence party.

His oratory capacity that he has been able to demonstrate in the House of Parliament allowed him a certain notoriety. A notoriety, however, that until recently was scarce, even within the party's militancy. Now, the challenge that appears to him is capital: resurrecting the party of the well where it is and that its conservative speech serves to stop the independentism.


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