A Spanish girl dies in a plane flying over Brazil to Madrid

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Avin of the company LATAM.

A Spanish woman, 70 years old and a native of theprovince of ToledoI died for onepulmonary thrombosisDuring a flight between Santiago de Chile and Madrid that had to land in the Brazilian city of Fortaleza to try to help it, Spanish sources informed EFE on Friday.

M. L., a native of Casasbuenas (Toledo), was traveling on Thursday on the LATAM LA705 flight from the Chilean capital to Spain when“I felt bad”and “I lost consciousness,” the same sources added.

That’s when the flight commander decided to make aunscheduled stopin Fortaleza (northeast of Brazil) to help her.

The woman had the attention ofthree doctors who were on board, who performed a cardiac massage during the descent, but eventually died within the device.

Spanish sources pointed out thatThere is no date for repatriationof the body, which is in a fortress funeral home.

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