A special celebration on the birthday of Ammar Al-Shuraie on Middle East Radio


Radio Middle East today presents a special map of the biography of the late musician Ammar Al Shurai and his artistic journey to mark his birthday. “The map includes open periods,” she said, along with Mervat Al-Kaffas about her marriage years with musician Ammar al-Sharaie. The music critic Ashraf Abdel Moneim also talks about “Ahlamak A” about the aesthetics of the late musician Ammar Al-Sharaie and “Kalam Al Naharada” with Afaf Rady about her songs for children, which Sharaie composed. Note: The content of this news was written by the seventh day It does not express a point of view Egypt today But was transferred content as it is from the seventh day We are not responsible for the content of the news and the responsibility of the previous source.


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