A special edition The Crown of Wu PS5 will be released on March 24

Meridiem Games and Microids Distribution announce that the third-person action-adventure game The Crown of Wu will have a special edition Legend Edition coming to PlayStation 5 on March 24, 2023. This third-person action-adventure game, created by developer Red Mountain and supported by the PlayStation Talents, is inspired by Journey to the West, a classic Chinese novel about the Monkey King, Sun Wukong. A demo is currently available on PS5.

Meridiem Games partners with Red Mountain to distribute The Crown of Wu in its physical versions and design a special box Legend Edition sur PlayStation 5.

The Crown of Wu – Legend Edition will include a stunning set of postcards as well as an introductory letter from the protagonist, Wu, all presented in a special box containing exclusive artwork from the game.

The Crown of Wu tells the adventures of Wu, half-ape, half-human. After being the Emperor’s hero, Wu behaved violently and unpredictably due to a crown that granted him extraordinary powers but gradually corrupted his heart… His crimes and atrocities led him to be captured and sentenced to severe punishment: to be frozen in a bio-static solution. After decades spent immobilized and almost unconscious, Wu manages to free himself from his prison and discovers a decadent world in ruins. His crown has been stolen and is being used to cause a disturbance that will lead to a gigantic explosion and, with it, extinction… Wu must find his stolen crown and help those he once outraged, in order to save the world. and to redeem oneself to finally find peace…