A specialist in cybersecurity answers • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A specialist in cybersecurity and the Internet of things, Fahd Al-Duraibi, revealed how the fraudster can obtain the banking information of customers even before contacting them.

Al-Duraibi said, during his stay as a guest on the “Saudi Street” program, broadcast on the “Saudi Arabia” channel, that there are several ways for fraudsters to obtain this banking information, through data that the victim delivers to him, directly or indirectly.

He explained, “There are many sites that give fake advertisements and subscriptions to services for free, and they ask that you fill in your data and ask some questions, through which some information is obtained.”

And he continued, the victim may give the fraudster the name of his bank himself by luring him during the conversation. He said, “Some scammers lure the victim into talking, so that he gives them the name of the bank he deals with.”

Al-Duraibi denied the existence of a leakage of information about customers from banks, saying, “What is in it is that the rate of information leakage from banks and major companies is currently very small.”

And Al-Duraibi said, sometimes there is leakage from small companies, indicating that in the past there were no regulations that protected or prevented this, and there were no restrictions or high awareness among people.

And he concluded, “We are beginning to see the value of data in the fraud process. Social engineering depends on data. The more they know about you, the more easily the fraudster can deceive you.”