A specialist reveals 7 important information about the subscription of Al-Rajhi Bank’s sukuk

Al-Marsad newspaper: The specialist and content creator, Muhammad Al-Hadithi, revealed 7 points about the subscription of Al-Rajhi Bank’s sukuk.

Al-Hadithi said, in a video he posted on his account in the “Tik Tok” application: “The subscription period is from October 30 to November 10, and the return on these sukuk is 5.5%.”

And he continued: “The return is distributed every 3 months and they give you a quarter of the return, zakat is on the bank, and the minimum subscription is 5 sukuk, which means subscribing to one instrument is 1,000 riyals, which means that it is necessary to subscribe to 5,000 riyals.”

He continued, “These sukuks will be listed in the Tadawul of the Sukuk and Bonds Market, and the subscription that you will receive in Al-Rajhi Bank, Al-Ahly Bank, Alinma and Riyadh, Banque Saudi Fransi, Albilad and AlJazira Capital.”