A stat that says a lot about Zach LaVine… and Michael Jordan’s incredible career

Zach LaVine is in the countryside. Campaigning to be invited to the next All-Star Game. With his performances, difficult to oust him from the selection in the East. The rear is preparing to complete February with 32 points average over the whole month. Strong! It’s even the 31th performance all-time franchise-wide Chicago Bulls.

It’s solid. But wait for the rest. Know that from the 1time at the 30th place is only one man. Michael Jordan of course. And that is completely crazy. Among the 46 most prolific months in the history of bulls, MJ ranks … 46 times (he is tied with LaVine for the 31th place).

In fact, what surprises us is not to find Derrick Rose for example. Even in his MVP season, the explosive point guard has therefore not released a single full month to more than 30 points per game. It must be said that it was another era, with less attacking basketball – but still less defensive and rough than the 90s. Then he was not content to score.

In any case, that says a lot about Michael Jordan, on the one hand, but also about Zach LaVine. The former Minnesota Timberwolves player has really come a long way since joining the NBA. He has become a real complete and efficient attacker.

Why Zach LaVine finally deserves to be an All-Star


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