A statue of the singer of AC/DC in project at Design Stone

Concretely, the statue would see the light of day thanks to a robot capable of making sculptures in stone, polystyrene or even bronze. “That’s what we did with Philippe Geluck a few years ago“, continues Anthony Cognaux. “An exhibition on the Champs-Elysées with giant cats that were two meters high“. The finishes, on the other hand, would be done manually.

But above all, it is necessary to find the money necessary for the creation of this statue. The fans behind the project appeal to the entire community through online crowdfunding. As it stands, it remains to raise a little less than 3000 euros in the space of five days. “I really hope we’ll get there, we’re not very far“, confides Michel Remy. “All people who participate up to 45 euros will have their name engraved at the foot of the Corten steel statue“.

For Anthony Cognaux, this project is in any case particularly enticing. “I love all things rock, metal and hard rock. My wife’s initials and mine form AC/DC so it’s a little winkeye at the same time“, he concludes with a smile. If the circumstances allow it, the fans also intend to invite Brian Johnson for the inauguration of his own statue. This one will be precisely on this place recognized a year ago by the municipal council from Namur: the AC/DC esplanade.

More info on crowdfunding via this link: