This student was from Mailleraye-sur-Seine, a Norman town 30 km from Rouen. The student's body was found hanging in front of an administrative building in Lovech, a town more than 100 kilometers from Sofia, the city where she lived. Although the consulate initially advanced the thesis of suicide, a criminal investigation is underway.

The young woman was studying sociology in the second year of a master's program in the framework of the European Erasmus program. She was enrolled at the University of Franche-Comté. Last summer, she met one of the families involved in the Pernotte participatory habitat project in Besançon. This type of habitat was part of his academic research. The family remembers a young woman "very smiling and very nice".
The mayor of the commune of Mailleraye-sur-Seine confirms to our confreres of France 3 Normandy, the absence of suicidal tendency in this girl. Norman teachers remember an excellent student with a strong character. The student regularly had her parents on the phone and the family had to meet at Christmas.

According to our colleagues, the student was conducting a survey in Bulgaria on local poverty. According to the Bulgarian media, consulted by our colleagues from France 3 Normandie, the investigation favors the criminal track and established that there would have been no violence before death. The student died by hanging.

The girl's parents were warned at the end of last week and are currently in Bulgaria.


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