After several years of evaluating the memory of children using a mobile phone, Swiss researchers believe that a strong exposure to the waves emitted by these devices has an impact on the memory of forms.


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It has been some time already that reservations are made about the harmfulness of the waves emitted by smartphones on the brain of young children. In 2016, ANSES researchers recognizedfor example, that they could indeed have "effects on the cognitive functions of the youngestIt was a question of attention, psychomotricity, language, but also memory, which is what the researchers of Swiss TPH (the Swiss Institute for Tropical Medicine and Public Health After conducting a survey of 900 Swiss aged 12 to 17, they came to the conclusion that repeated use of the mobile phone could in some cases lead to "a significant decrease in the performance of the memory".

These researchers avoid drawing too definitive conclusions, indicating that further studies will be needed to exclude other factors. They also specify that the rate and frequency of exposure to waves that produce measurable effects may be very variable from one subject to another (which is why no data quantifying the adverse effects mentioned is reported). Nevertheless, they indicate that children regularly sticking a mobile phone on their right ear are likely to have their memory impaired. This is – as the newspaper explains The weather Martin Röösli, professor in charge of the study – of the memory of the forms, evaluated during these searches by means of computer tests with abstract forms. This memory uses a small part of the right hemisphere of the brain, so right-handed people are more exposed to this risk.

Some precautionary measures

"We followed groups of adolescents over several years, testing them several months apart. We then developed a model for calculating brain exposure and cumulative dose for different uses (call, text message, Internet browsing, gaming …). We have thus been able to measure that it is the calls, holding the telephone by the ear, which constitute 80% of the radiation receivedsays the researcher in the Swiss newspaper, and the latter reminds that by using the speaker of his phone or a hands-free kit, it is easy to reduce the exposure to electromagnetic waves by a factor of 10 a call, if not more. "It is also necessary to avoid making calls when the connection is bad, because one minute is equivalent to several hours spent on the phone by ear under normal conditions."he concludes.


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