The famous Kazakhstani stuntman Kasym Zhumaguzhin died recently. He took part in the creation of the film "Tobol", which was filmed on the territory of the Tyumen region.

    The tragedy occurred during the celebration of Halloween in one of the bars in Almaty on November 3. Kasym Zhumaguzhin took part in the show program – portrayed a hanging mummy. Obshchevtsy filmed what was happening on the camera of mobile phones. The video hit the network. The stuntman was hung over a special vest with straps allowing the load to be properly distributed. According to the manager of the stunt group, the loop was not tightened around the neck, it was just part of the costume. According to the portal, the shots in which the man is trying to free himself when he is being hung up were part of the show program. It is noted that the suspension system has been used in films more than once, and everything went well. The manager of the stunt team in an interview with a Kazakhstani correspondent noted that Kasym spoke with his partner by gestures, showed that everything was in order. 15 minutes had passed since the beginning of the performance, and the man was lowered to the floor. According to the portal, he was conscious, but he looked sluggish. He was immediately taken to the street, summoned doctors and began to provide first aid. The ambulance crew members conducted resuscitation measures, but diagnosed death.

According to the publication, the death of a man was due to acute primary myocardial infarction. Kasym Zhumaguzhin was 34 years old. He starred in many Russian and Hollywood films. In the list of paintings, in which he took part in the shooting, appear "Nomad", "Day Watch", "Viking", "Kolovrat", "The Expendables-2" with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, "47 Ronin". Last year, as part of the stunt team Nomad Stunts, a man starred in the Tobol film in the Tyumen region.

The stuntman’s funeral will be held today, November 5th.



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