A sunny album for Emmanuelle Boucher

Having made a detour to pop music, singer Emmanuelle Boucher returns to her first love, country, for her first solo album of her career.

It is thanks to the pause of the daily life generated by the pandemic that the singer was able to see the birth of her project comprising eight songs.

Creation process

Emmanuelle Boucher and her team had wanted to make an album for a while. After several years of wondering what color she wanted to put on it, she finally released her album this year. “It may be a long process, but the result is really fantastic,” she says.

For the production of his album, everything happened very quickly. She teamed up with one of her friends, Marilou Martin, who wrote the majority of her songs for her in just a few days.

Wishing for an album that resembles her, she wanted “it to be a happy album, that people can listen to it on the road when it’s sunny.”

These songs tell stories, including some childhood memories, including Camping Pin Vert, song to which she is most attached. Big Boat is the song she prefers to perform live because it is more catchy, according to her.

Her songs are mostly inspired by the group Runaway June and Shania Twain for the last song on the album.

Her album launch took place in the presence of her family and friends in September in Creativ Nation’s studio, located on boulevard des Rossignols, in Sainte-Rose.


At the age of 15, thanks to a friend, Emmanuelle Boucher began her journey in country music by singing on stages of festivals titles of Laurence Jalbert and Shania Twain.

Having grown up in Laval-des-Rapides, she entered the job market at the age of 20, participating in many corporate events where she mainly covered popular songs from other artists.

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When the time came to make the album, that’s when the Lavalloise wanted to return to the basics, those country rhythms with which she began her singing career.

Some will remember that Emmanuelle Boucher participated in La voice in 2019. It was the first time that the young woman performed in a show on a large television set. However, she does not consider that her career has changed since this television competition.

«The voice was a great experience, which gives great visibility, but you still have to continue working after the show. “

Possible projects

At the dawn of her 30th birthday, Emmanuelle has many projects underway. First she will be on the show Simply country, led by the adopted Laval resident Guylaine Tanguay.

Then, the singer and musician wants to set up a video project with artists she admires. It should appear on social networks after the holidays and finally, Emmanuelle and her team are working on a program of shows for the next summer season so “that her summer is well filled,” she says.

To listen to Emmanuelle Boucher’s album: emmanuelleboucher.com/musique.