A supermodel catwalk is worth “10 million” to raise an illegitimate child for 13 years and officially announce the divorce – yqqlm

Gisele Caroline Bündche, the world’s No. 1 supermodel, and NFL legend Tom Brady officially announced their divorce, splitting 5.3 billion fortune with her husband, ending their 13-year marriage amicably. Later, supermodel Giselle also issued a divorce statement, wishing her ex-husband Brady all the best in the future, and said that she will fully love her two children, raise them together, and give them more love and care.

As the world’s most profitable supermodel, Gisele Bang is a Brazilian national treasure supermodel. She once walked the opening show at the Rio Olympics in Brazil. The price is about 450,000 US dollars (about 14 million Taiwan dollars), And has an extremely brilliant career, creating many benchmarks in the modeling industry, known as the world’s first supermodel.

Gisele issues a divorce declaration. (Picture/Weibo)

Tom Brady is an American professional American football player. He led the Patriots to win 6 Super Bowl championships and 3 runners-up in his career. He won the Super Bowl MVP 4 times and is known as the greatest in NFL history. quarterback. In February 2022, Tom Brady announced his retirement, and officially announced his comeback a month later, saying that he would continue his career for the 23rd season.

In 2009, Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady, who had been dating for two years, held a secret private wedding at a church in Santa Monica, California, and soon welcomed their first child. In the third year of their marriage, their second child was born. However, after marriage, Gisele has been a pseudo-single with children, and has to raise the illegitimate child of her husband and ex-girlfriend Bridget Mouna. Not only that, Gisele was still working with babies during breastfeeding, and she was photographed holding her baby while breastfeeding while doing catwalk modeling.

But her husband, Brady, has been busy with his career over the years, putting the burden of raising children and a family on Gisele. Originally, after Brady officially announced his retirement earlier this year, he could better return to his family, but he did not expect to quickly announce his comeback for the sake of his career. According to rumors, it was after this incident that cracks began to appear in the couple’s relationship, and later the two were separated for a time, and finally reached the point of divorce. Gisele was photographed shopping with her two children just days before the official announcement of the divorce, without her wedding ring on her hand.

However, the combined property of their husband and wife is 5.3 billion yuan, and they are also looking for a lawyer to negotiate their property. As the world’s richest supermodel, in any case, Gisele Bundchen has the characteristics of perseverance and independence. I hope she will start a new life after her divorce, and the future will be promising.