A supporter of depopulation and population control, a guest of the papal conference

Francis has joined forces with Jeffrey Sachs, who is committed to population control, as part of the papal youth initiative “The Economy of Francis.” It promotes “a process of open dialogue and fresh, dynamic, global changes towards a new economy.” He is also heavily involved in “climate change,” reports Life Site News.

The three-day annual conference “Economics of Francis” (EoF), ending on Saturday, was already the third in this cycle, but so far its formula included broadcast speeches on-line. This time the participants spoke face to face in Assisi.

According to Vatican News, more than a thousand “young economists and entrepreneurs” from over 120 countries have made their way there. They considered how to give “a new soul to the economy”, discussed “climate change” and the energy crisis.

“Although the conference takes place in Assisi, the house of Saint Francis, religion is not mentioned in the promotional material for the conference, but instead focuses on the secular style of economic and global diagnosis,” LSN points out.

The highlight of the event was the Pope’s Saturday visit and speech to the participants and the signing of the EoF agreement. Although Francis himself was one of its signatories, this document does not contain any mention of Christianity other than a reference to the “economy of the Gospel”. However, it expresses shared dreams of a new economic goal, which – in the opinion of the supporters of this idea – “is not a utopia”, as it is already emerging.

The Pope delivered a speech to the gathered young people, in which he stated that the older generation “did not guard the planet, and we do not guard the peace.” Francis called for building a new economy. As he emphasized, it must be “Earth-friendly, it must be an economy of peace,” focused on “ecological conversion”.

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We humans have developed at the expense of the Earth in the last two centuries Franciszek was saying. – She paid the bill! – he assessed.

The deadly pollutants are not just carbon dioxide; inequality is also fatally dirtying our planet – he argued.

Father, we ask forgiveness for the heavy wounds inflicted by us on Earth, for the lack of respect for indigenous cultures, for the lack of respect and love for the poorest, for creating wealth without communion He prayed.

Jeffrey Sachs, who has been involved in population control for years, and the EoF initiative, was to attend the opening “plenary session” according to the official program. Eventually joined on-line.

In October last year, Francis appointed Sachs an ordinary member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences for a ten-year term. The Vatican then called him a “meritorious” professor, emphasizing his work on “sustainable development” but avoiding any mention of Sachs’ support for the killing of unborn babies, recalls Life Site News. The globalist was behind the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations (UN) and is the architect of the Sustainable Development Goals – pro-abortion and supporting the LGBT ideology.