A surprise of the heavy caliber blew up by Abdul Malik al-Houthi yesterday and no one noticed

The leader of the al-Houthi militia, Abdulmalik Badruddin al-Houthi, revealed the details of the UN initiative to his group in Sanaa to seek a resumption of peace negotiations.

Al-Huthi said that the UN envoy Griffith required the Houthi group to accept the abandonment of control over the port of Hodeidah and make supervisory and technical supervision of the functions of the United Nations tracking.

He also said that Griffith had asked the Houthi group to hand over Hodeidah’s cash receipts to legitimacy, given that the militia was accused of using port revenues in its military operations.

Al-Houthi said that they accepted to give up control of the port of Hodeidah and transfer the affairs of his administration to the UN.

Adding that his group rejected the demand for the delivery of cash imports in the port of legitimacy, demanding to collect those revenues plus oil and gas revenues in Marib and Hadramout and allocate the total amount to pay the salaries of employees.


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