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The Sismógraf festival, which will celebrate the twelfth edition in Olot from April 23 to 26, aims to be more sustainable and inclusive. And it will do so from the scheduled proposals, which will talk about issues such as ecological democracy or generational diversity, and also from the management of the festival itself, which will offset the carbon footprint of the artists’ journeys with a symbolic action of planting seeds. . Some of the companies that will be releasing works are Portuguese Claudia Dias, La Cia. Mar Gómez and Les Impuxibles.

Its director, Tena Busquets, emphasizes that “There have not been special shows on these topics” rather, they are the creators who, as “inhabitants of the world”, also reflect on what worries the citizenry.

In the field of ecology, you can see montages like Mass-bloom explorations of the Swedish Recoil where the protagonists are worms that devour plastics as well as that of Ivida Cynara, who will bring Ívides, made from 100% vegetable material. And on a social level, the English Stopgap Dance Company will be bringing to Catalonia for the first time Frock, played by people with functional diversity who reflect on social behaviors.

Also noteworthy is the proposal of the Belgian Beckless Sleepers with A string section, a montage with five women and five saws and chairs that will go into action with a purpose, ripping seats and turning them into “useless” objects.

The international premiere this year will be that of the Portuguese Claudia Dias, Thursday: Abracadabra, a Marxist and feminist piece created with the complicity of the creator Idoia Zabaleta.

Other companies that will show their latest work are the company. Mar Gomez with She always lives, a story of survival and liberation with live music by Marcelo Mercadante; The Ungodly with X-U about sexuality as a device of power, and the Cia. eSseLa with Quovadis, which will stage an 80’s party.

Also noteworthy is the premiere of Angel Duran of the street version of The beauty of it, based on the fragility of man; Chrysalis, one performance Antes Collado where a terrarium and a fragment of the Liturgy of the hours by Juan Carlos Lérida, lasting 12 minutes, will be performed 12 times and for 12 spectators.

The Seismograph will also again bring much-applauded montages, such as Raster by Roser López Espinosa, Laugh of the Wonderground Company and Immortels-Le nid of the French Adhok.

The dance-landscape binomial will be re-explored on the bike itinerary after last year’s great reception. The route will start at the old station and make different stops to see the proposals of Lali Ayguadé, Proyecto Larrua, Arnau Pérez and Ivona.

It will start for Sant Jordi

The Seismograph will officially start for Sant Jordi with three pieces of Dance me a book that will unite the dance with Don Quixote, Lolita and literature from Brossa.

The festival, which has a budget of 300,000 euros, is organized by the Generalitat and the City Council of Olot and is supported by the Diputació de Girona and the State.

Much of the programming is free and will be performed in different parts of the city. “We want dance to find as many audiences as possible,” says the director.

Once again there will be replicas throughout the county throughout the year, and the Sismohop for the first time will not be taking part in festival days, but in June with the idea of ​​’growing it’.



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