A table with François Simon : The Scoundrels make their cinema

A table with François Simon : The Scoundrels make their movies

Le visitor is a funny bird appetites undecided. He eats in spurts, like a woodpecker, a fool, one without faith or law. Or hourly. When he comes out of his sessions, he is able to swallow anything. Or nothing at all, because it is out of it. Do not think for as much as he eats pop-corn, Kim cones or other bites are sweet. No, his stomach is a dark room, who prefers the screen, livid at the white tablecloth.

chef Michel Cortesi surrounded by Lysiane Levivier, sommelier (g.), and Carole Peretti, to the service.

Imagine the perplexity of the restorers, and already the century rout. Cannes, accustomed to his life of garter snake, sunny, sees suddenly land these excited embadgés. We, therefore, arises the question. Raise the rates ? Of course ! The double ? Why not… Do buffets, learn sign language, sushi, guacamole ? Then we carpacciotte, we émince, we “revisit” anything goes”. In these conditions, finding a table with a normal customer normal here feat. Everyone surjoue, even at night, the bread crumbs, and orchids.

Carpaccio of small purple and parmesan (dr.) or roasted cod loin with white butter, basil and garlic.

Yet the Scoundrels, little bistro set back from the Croisette, the calm rubs just a playlist cagole. The kitchen is simple, bistrotière. It remains in its place. That is to say, in the plate. The products play their role : carpaccio of small violet to cannes and parmesan cheese, pan seared foie gras with red fruits, salad of octopus, quail roasted and polenta with truffles, loin… It’s funny because the dishes are as kept on a leash. They are not mutts, as if they had been told not to jump on the neck of the people, biser, to make conversation. They have understood that here, the stars, this will never be them. They are in a summer job, shipped ad patres in a few fourchetées. They walk to the memory, we come across as images. Of the rest, The Villains also work in set design. Those of the customers. In the off-season, this is great because the guests are in their texts, not returning not. Now, with the Festival, a whole other comedy starts, we will clapper.


Bistro Les Canailles, 12, rue Jean Daumas, Cannes. Tel. : 04-93-68-12-10. Every day (during the Festival). Orders up to 23 hours.
Mercury : room temperature, depending on the season.
Decibels : outside the Festival, it was rather quiet. 75 dB.
addition : to the card, 50 €.
standard : tab of the calf direct, £ 20 or dishes of the day for the ” weekly calendar “, 13 € approx.
Verdict : action !
Place : in the corners (not the center). Or well, at the end of the evening when
the room is full, in the bar part, more calm.
Damage : chips, a little head in the air.
takeaway : good mood to be issued by the service women (Carole and Lysiane, the sommelier).

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