A task force on the timing of coronary virus vaccines has been haunted by a health expert

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Trump was asked a timeline for a vaccine during the Cabinet Room meeting with pharmacy executives and members of his task force.

“I don’t know what time it will be. I heard a very fast number, months. And I heard that many years would be an external number. You are talking about three or four months in a few cases, a year in other cases, “Trump said.

But correct Dr.. Antony Fauci, head of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the President immediately: “Let me make sure you get the information … You don’t have a vaccine and you start testing in a year that is usable.”

Fauci said: “So he’s asking the question – when will it be usable? And that will be, at the earliest, a year and a half, no matter how fast you go.”

“Do you think that’s right?” Trump asked the pharmacy executives at the table, just as Fauci finished speaking. “Well, I think that treatment might be more exciting in many ways.”

The pressure came only from Fauci.

During the meeting, Trump was trumped to press industry leaders in the timeline room for vaccine and coronavirus treatment. But experts at the board – from the administration and the pharmaceutical industry – have repeatedly stressed that the vaccine cannot be put on the market before it is declared safe for the public.

“So you’re talking over the next few months, could you get a vaccine?” Trump subsequently asked Stéphane Bancel, CEO of Moderna, a biotechnology company.

“Right, (for) step two (test),” answered Bancel.

Fauci opposed: “He would not have a vaccine. He would have a vaccine to test him.”

Trump said: “Oh, so you’re talking a year.”

Fauci said: “A year and a half.”

The President said one executive was “talking about two months.”

But Health Secretary and Human Services Alex Azar clarified that Regeneron, a biotechnology company represented in the room, would be ready for stage one testing for a vaccine in two months.

Leonard Schleifer, CEO of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, then noticed that vaccines need to be tested because there is a precedent to make vaccines worse. making 900,000 of them worse. “

“This is a good idea,” said Trump.

The President also said that he agrees that any coronavirus vaccine must be safe to make it widely available, but he said: “Do it. We need it.

Inovio CEO J. Joseph Kim, who was in the meeting, told CNN that Trump told the executives to contact him directly if they visited the federal government.

A source familiar with the administration’s response said that the scientists and experts gathered for the meeting were able to convince Trump that an effective vaccine is likely to take a year or more to be on the market.

“I think he got it now,” said the source.

CNN’s Kevin Liptak and Jim Acosta contributed to this report.



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