A tax on excess profits is a mistake, and for businessmen to ask for help is ominous

In the report, there is a healthy concern about the failure of the state, but the truth is that people must be ready for difficulties, commented businessman Ivaylo Penchev on Nova TV. Life is much easier now than it was 20 years ago, he added.

“My view is that the report was purposefully leaked, but the concerns about the leaks are valid,” he said. For him the excess profits tax was a mistake, but he was generally against taxes.

According to Penchev, the middle echelon was stable. He defined a minimum wage of BGN 940 as smoke and the economy was overheated.

The businessman was against the reliefs, he believes that they are harmful for everyone and should be abolished. He himself used some, but is of the opinion that they should be abandoned. “The price of bread has not fallen since the zero rate for bread, but I am convinced that some buns and some pizzas have become bread,” he added.

Aid for business must be abolished, it is sinister for businessmen to ask for help, is his menu.

The state is currently rescuing businesses, this is the bottom of the rot, Ivaylo Penchev also said.