A teacher from the Montluçon region (Allier) warns about the consequences of the health protocol on chemically sensitive people

The Covid-19 epidemic and the health crisis have disrupted the daily life of the French for more than a year. If the establishment of a health protocol has made it possible to return to workplaces and schools in person, wearing a mask and using antibacterials and fungicides can be a barrier to resuming treatment. activity of people suffering from multiple chemical hypersensitivity (pathology also known by the acronym MCS for Multiple chemical sensitivity).

Disinfectants too powerful for chemically sensitive

Nawel Abdelhabk, referent for Allier of the SOS MCS association, is sounding the alarm. Because of her chemical hypersensitivity, the body of this French college professor is severely tested by the composition of disinfectants.

She must also wear specific masks that block chemical particles and must be changed every 20 minutes.

It takes nine for a class day, but a mask costs five euros. They are super stuffy and it is not possible to speak to a class with them. Nobody understands you. These masks come from Germany and they are no longer manufactured, because since the pandemic machines have been requisitioned to make other types of masks.

The teacher emphasizes that wearing a mask does not solve everything because apart from her mouth and nose, the rest of her face is exposed to chemical particles.

An unrecognized pathology for working in distance

Nawel Abdelhak had made a request to the National Education to continue working in distance at this start of the 2021 school year. This request was refused, because multiple chemical hypersensitivity is not in the list of pathologies authorized to remain in distance.

Everyone sticks to the recognized pathology list. Because of this, I will have to mourn a job that I love and that I have been doing for 25 years if the health constraints last.

For the teacher, this absence of the multiple chemical hypersensitivity of the lists of pathologies that can come from a problem of recognition of the disease.

There is currently a non-knowledge and non-recognition of multiple chemical hypersensitivity. We are so few to be diagnosed that we do not exist. There is also a diagnostic failure in children and adolescents. In adults, it is complicated because it is diagnosed by eliminating other causes and symptoms. In addition, no two chemical hypersensitive are alike.

Research on chemical hypersensitivity little developed in France

The forties highlights that France is also one of the countries most behind in research on multiple chemical hypersensitivity, unlike its European neighbors.

In France, we are in curative medicine whereas we need preventive measures. We are sensitive to environmental hyperpollution. When we are in a lightly polluted environment we are fine. We should be seen as sentinels of the environment.

For several months, Nawel Abdelhak – who suffers from another pathology very often associated with chemical hypersensitivity, electrosensitivity – has taken long steps to obtain long sick leave.

Electro-hypersensitive, a teacher is worried about a project to install Wi-Fi in colleges in the Allier

Steps to benefit from a vaccine contraindication

She also leads another fight to benefit from a certificate of vaccine contraindication from Medicare. Her multiple chemical hypersensitivity prevents her from being vaccinated. Once again the pathology is not in the list of diseases benefiting from a contraindication.

Hope came from a letter from the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, addressed to the president of SOS MCS, Doctor Christine Malfay-Regnier, and dated September 22. It indicated that it was up to the attending physician or specialist to establish a certificate of contraindication to vaccination against Covid-l9 for people with none of the pathologies mentioned in the list of contraindications.

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