Less than a year after arriving in America as reinforcement, Nicolás Benedetti could leave the Nest due to the lack of minutes.

The Poet is closely followed by a team from Brazil and in Coapa they do not rule out negotiating it if a good offer arrives, the Record newspaper reported Friday.

"A nearby source explained to Record that the 'Poet of the Goal' is being followed closely in the southern cone of the continent due to his qualities he showed in Deportivo Calí, as well as in minor teams of Colombia, so they aspire to be able to hire him in the next winter transfer market ", reported the aforementioned medium.

The Colombian has played only 134 minutes in the 2019 Opening Tournament, divided into 3 games, and only one started as a starter.

Although the Americanist directive still did not receive any formal offer by the 22-year-old midfielder, he would be analyzing the possibility of leaving it, since he has not been able to establish himself in the Eagles due to the injuries.

Yes, you have to give him confidence

No, it's Jiménez's turn



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