“A terrible wench!”: Real shots of Ksenia Borodina in a bathing suit terrified the fans


Ksenia Borodina in a swimsuit and without Photoshop scared fans on the Instagram social network with her figure.

During a vacation in Dubai, Xenia Borodina was caught by the pool by fans, who made real celebrity pictures without a gram of photoshop and makeup. The resulting shots overflew all social networks and terrified the fans leading "House-2." Fans claim that Photoshop really works wonders, as in his Instagram blog, Borodin in a swimsuit looks perfect.

“Perspective unsuccessful. Of course, in her microblogging, she doesn’t post such photos, ”“ Lord, she’s only 35 … What will happen next? ”,“ I’ve launched myself. All cellulite has become "," Yeah … it's disgusting to watch, "" Already quite Borodina starred, a terrible woman became, "" She has a horror figure at all, especially her legs, "said outraged Internet users.
             Svetlana Slavyanskaya




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