a terrifying, modern post-Me Too nightmare

Alex Garland wants to terrify you with his new psychological thriller Men.

Whereas turd Jurassic World: The World After invades cinemas, one of the craziest films of the year arrives in theaters at the same time: Men directed by Alex Garland. The filmmaker has already shown his talent with his previous films Ex Machina et Annihilation, and especially his metaphysical series Devs. With his third feature film, Alex Garland follows Harper (Jessie Buckley), a grieving young woman who decides to go to the countryside to decompress. Except that on the spot, a strange atmosphere is felt and Harper has the feeling that someone or something is following her.

Is this fear real? Or is it the fruit of his imagination? Men therefore ventures into a psychological thriller changing little by little into a perfect horror film, eyeing squarely on the flowerbeds of body horror. A fascinating way for Alex Garland to explore his favorite themes (mourning, loneliness…) and above all to probe the surrealist relationships between men and women by appropriating the codes of horror.

Men This reveals a fascinating leap into a waking nightmare, a dive into the anguish of the absolutely visceral and stunning heroine. Our good Alexandre therefore explains to you why you should not miss the feature film in theaters. Especially since with such an important step in modern society and such a powerful cinematic proposition, Men especially deserves to be discovered on the big screen.

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